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World’s Greatest Roper 2009
[TE WOR 09]

World’s Greatest Roper 2009
Who’s the greatest roper in the world? Now there’s an exciting 2-day event sponsored by the Lazy E Arena to find out. It all happens in June each year in Reno, NV during the Reno Rodeo. On Saturday qualifying rounds feature 26 of the toughest ropers in the rodeo world to date. Sunday brings us 9 reigning and past champions of the world to join 17 of the 26 from the qualifying rounds to determine THE WORLD’S GREATEST ROPER.

Who are the contestants? How about reigning WGR champ, K.C. Jones and 2-time WGR champ Daniel Green? And names like Trevor Brazile, Matt Sherwood, Chad Masters, Jimmie Cooper and Marty Becker? Tough? You Betcha!

This 2 disc DVD set captures the excitement of every one of the runs leading to the crowning of THE WORLD’S GREATEST ROPER.

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