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Better Basics Breakaway Roping with Lynn Smith

Better Basics Breakaway Roping with Lynn Smith

With this DVD you'll enhance your breakaway roping and horsemanship skills.  Lynn Smith will show you how to score cattle, get into proper position, locate your target, swing your rope with the proper angle and how to deliver your loop for clean, quick catches.  Lynn covers equipment, roping from the ground, roping the dummy horseback, tracking calves and roping from the box. Along with Daysha Hulme, they rope and discuss the mental aspects of roping in competition and in practice.  Lynn began roping calves in college at the age of 19.  Two years later, she won the College National Champion Title on a horse she had never ridden.  Her final year of college, she finished in the top ten in the nation.  In her CNFR qualifications, she caught all 8 of her calves penalty free.  Lynn continues to breakaway, team rope and train rope horses as well as coach a collegiate women's team and instruct Better Basics Clinics nationwide.

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