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Timed Event Championship 2004 - All Rounds
[TE ALL 04]

Timed Event Championship 2004 - All Rounds
In the past two decades the title of TIMED EVENT CHAMPION has become highly coveted. To win it you have to head 5 team roping steers, heel 5, bulldog 5, steer rope and tie 5 and rope 5 calves...and beat the clock.
Each year in March the Lazy E arena invites the 20 top all-around cowboys to Guthrie, Oklahoma for this one-of-a-kind competion. After 5 performances and 500 runs the new champ emerges.
Now on video you can see each performance from beginning to end -- five different videos -- one for each performance. You'll see the legends of rodeo, the world champs -- past, present and future. An incredible spectacle!

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