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Timed Event Championship 2006 - All Rounds
[TE ALL 06]

Timed Event Championship 2006 - All Rounds
Welcome to the Timed Event Championship of the World! In this fast paced event 20 contestants battle for three days to capture the title of Timed Event Champion. Each contestant must head 5 team roping steers, heel 5, calf rope 5 steer wrestle 5, and steer rope 5. Held in the beautiful Guthrie, Oklahoma, at one of the greatest arenas in the world, Lazy E Arena invites these top contestants to come every March for this original competition. In each of these 5 performances you’ll see this year’s players compete 500 total times for the bragging rights. You’ll see past champions, reigning champions, and up and coming champions – all contending to become this year’s… Timed Event Champion of the World! 5 disc DVD set!

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