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PRIMETIME - Tryan & Corkill

PRIMETIME - Tryan & Corkill

For 3 straight years the team of , Tryan & Corkill, have lead the team roping world standings without being moved. Want to know how they did it? They bring it all to you in their team roping DVD, PRIMETIME.  You will learn from the master on the heading side, Clay Tryan, on what he does to stay sharp whether it be at a jackpot or a rodeo. Then take a page from the ever-consistent, Jade Corkill, as he shows you his different methods of perfecting the heel shot. This DVD is packed full of practice runs, jackpot runs, and the key rodeo runs from the 2015 season the helped them head into the 2015 NFR in first place. Don't miss out on a special added bonus feature as, 20X NFR Qualifier Matt Tyler, sits down with Tryan & Corkill to discuss where roping has come, where it might be heading and what it takes to stay on top of their game in such a competitive field of ropers.