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Rodeo Combat – Inside the World of Professional Bullfighting

Rodeo Combat – Inside the World of Professional Bullfighting
Rodeo combat combines pulse pounding action with the pure poetry of a bull-fighter’s lethal dance every time a rider is threatened by a bull. Get a backstage pass. Sit ringside. Go to the very frontlines of professional bull riding. Listen to candid conversations with bullfighters and barrelmen. Learn how the approach the game, what they look for in a ride or the riders. Find out why, without them, no rider will dare saddle up on a rank bull. Watch myth and legend meet reality and danger. See exactly how each bullfighter takes on the bull. Distraction is the name of the game and there’s no second chance to get it right.

Interviews with Matt Baldwin, Ray Clary, Flint Rassmussen, Allen Nelson, Darrell Diefenbach and bull riding legend, Tuff Hedeman, and many more.

Directed by David Wittkower whose previous action packed documentaries, Cowboy Up: Inside the Extreme World of Bull Riding, Turn & Burn: Inside the World of Barrel Racing and The Drive of a Champion: The Joe Beaver Story, Rodeo Combat goes farther into the adrenaline-charged world of bullfighting than any film before. So grab your nerves, get into the arena and wait for the gate to open!

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