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Roping Funnies & Rodeo Bloopers 10
[RB 10]

Roping Funnies & Rodeo Bloopers 10
At last! The perfect gift- a party video for ropers and folks who like to laugh at ropers… and it’s combined with the 1998 edition of Rodeo Bloopers 10! As most of the free world knows, Rodeo Bloopers 10 will be outrageous with more of the incredible antics of rodeo boys and girls desperate to win… save their dignity…or at least survive! As bull and broncs keep getting badder the wrecks are more incredible each year. You can flinch but you can’t look away. This video is like a double feature with the roping funnies - a series of comedies that lampoon the sport of roping. Everything from the “gay roper’s lament” to instruction on protecting your number, giving unique excuses and entering with rubber checks. Keep your thumbs up and your tongue in cheek, pard!

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