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National Finals Rodeo - Highlights 1974-1985 (released 2005)
[NFR HI 1-4]

National Finals Rodeo - Highlights 1974-1985 (released 2005)
History making National Finals Rodeo Highlights!

1974 - Tom Ferguson wins his first NFR All-Around
1975 - Larry Mahan makes his last NFR
Don Gay and his incredible hangup
1976 - Don Gay scores 95 on Kelsey's "Red One"
1977 - Joe Alexander wins 7th PRCA Bareback title
The only sudden death ride-off in bullriding history!
1978 - Dave Brock, Brad Smith & George Richards - all win their first world titles!
1979 - Tom Ferguson wins his 6th straight All-Around title
1980 - Paul Tierney is the first to win over $100,000 & takes the All-Around title from Tom Ferguson
Bruce Ford makes a tremendous ride to clinch the Bareback title 1981 - Don Gay, Bruce Ford, Roy Cooper all win titles
1982 - Charles Sampson and Roy Cooper all win titles
1983 - Roy Cooper clinches his 3rd consecutive title in Calf Roping
Looking back at 1959-footage from the first NFR with Jim Shoulders, Freckles Brown, Casey Tibbs and others 1984 - Don Gay breaks Jim Shoulders record & Charmayne James runs away with her first barrel racing title
1985 - Jake Barnes & Clay O'Brien Cooper set a new record
Lewis Field is at the top of his game & Ted Nuce rides 9 out of 10

World Championship action from the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association as presented on ESPN and ESPN2

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