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Team Roping Heading with Erich Rogers

Team Roping Heading with Erich Rogers

Get revved up with the in-depth instruction of 3 time NFR qualifier Erich Rogers!  In his first ever Winning Edge video, Erich takes you through all the aspects of becoming the most successful header you can be.  He takes different situations that many ropers find themselves in at any roping and breaks them down in the practice pen.

Ride along with Erich as he shows you his practice routine, dummy roping and equipment.  There is also a question and answer session with Erich's father and roping buddies!  As an added bonus we have included many runs from the NFR, BFI and Mike Cervi Jr. ropings!  Get the Winning Edge fuel that Erich Rogers supplies in the most anticipated Winning Edge heading video ever!

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