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Tyson Durfey - Tie Down Roping
[WE Tyson]

Tyson Durfey - Tie Down Roping

Champion Tie-Down Roper Tyson Durfey brings his clear teaching techniques to help you in becoming the best, most successful roper you can be!  Tyson helps you understand how important building a correct foundation is by taking you through a typical day in the life of a successful roper.  By breaking down every point in a run, starting with selection of equipment and the importance of practicing correctly, Tyson will answer many of the questions you have asked in your career.  He has also included a section with his finance Shea Fisher on how to get and maintain a good relationship with sponsors.  With this valuable knowledge at your fingertips, you will learn how Tyson has become so successful in his career.  As a special bonus we have included runs from the NFR that Tyson breaks down for you!  Enjoy this exclusive look into the Winning Edge Tie-Down Roping with Tyson Durfey and become the successful roper you've only dreamed of becoming!

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