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Awesome Saddle Bronc Rides

Awesome Saddle Bronc Rides
150 of the best rides from the past ten years! For the first time, here’s a collection of classic rides. Legendary bronc riders like “Hawkeye” Henson, Clint Johnson, Brad Gjermundson and Bud Munroe. The guys who dominate today like Robert, Dan and Billy Etbauer and Dan Mortensen. You’ll see a section on broncs with reputations like Papa Smurf, Wrangler Savvy and Bobby Jo Skoal.Most of the 150 outstanding rides on this video were scored in the 80’s. The commentary and insight is given by Butch Knowles, NFR Saddle Bronc Average Winner, and pro announcer, Reed Flake.When it all comes together, the broncs kick high and the cowboy’s in perfect time, it’s awesome! 90 minutes.

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