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Adrenaline Cowboys - Eight Seconds to Glory

Adrenaline Cowboys - Eight Seconds to Glory
"Every bull rider at heart is a cowboy," Bo Derek announces as she hosts this intimate, and often heart-warming, look at a truly rare breed of men. They are both athletes and cowboys, competing in one of the most extreme and brutal of all sports, professional bull riding. Featuring personal stories and behind-the-scenes interviews, Adrenaline Cowboys is an in-depth look into the hearts and minds of men who have the courage to chase their dreams no matter what the cost.

Follow Mike Lee, current PBR World Champion, through his rookie year on the challenger circuit. Watch his first ever event win as he competes against some of the biggest stars in the sport, including Adriano Moraes and Mike White, on the PBR Cup Tour. Go all the way to the PBR finals in Las Vegas and say goodbye to the King Of Cowboys, Ty Murray, during his retirement ceremony from the professional bull-riding circuit. Witness some of the most bone-crushing extreme ride footage ever, including the ride that made headlines around the world. Tuff Hedeman vs. Bodacious—the greatest rider vs. the toughest bull! From start to finish, Adrenaline Cowboys is guaranteed to take you into the arena and straight to the heart of the action.

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